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Ryan Fritz featured as West Acres Artist-in-Residency

Ryan Fritz featured as West Acres Artist-in-Residency

FARGO, ND, January 8, 2018 - Ryan Fritz has been featured as this months Artist-in-Residency from January 8, 2018 to February 24, 2018. This studio can be found inside the former Aeropostale space at West Acres Mall. Fritz has been recognized due to his display of "artistic excellence and professional accomplishment," as deemed a necessary value to qualify by the West Acres leadership team.

Fritzs background as a local artist and the CEO/founder of Office Sign Company aided to qualify him for the Artist-in-Residency position. A majority of Fritzs artwork that will be on display can be described as Abstract Art, though his studio will also include some realism, including portraits of his daughters. Along with his presented work, Fritz will be producing art within the studio space to demonstrate his techniques, and discuss with patrons.

West Acres Winter 2018 Artist-in-Residency will showcase the artwork and techniques of Office Sign Companys CEO, Ryan Fritz, for six weeks. Fritz will be in the studio space throughout his 6-week residency to interact with the public. For more information about Fritzs artwork, his "Studio of Ryan Fritz" Facebook page showcases his latest artwork.