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Other ND ladies also embodied values, beauty

Miss America Cara Mund Photo courtesy of Matt Boyd Photography / Special to The Forum1 / 2
Bob Lind, Neighbors columnist2 / 2

"I join with other North Dakotans, past and present, in the pleasure of having the 2018 Miss America come from our very own state. First time ever, and well deserved."

So writes Don Homuth, formerly of Fargo and now of Salem, Ore., about Cara Mund, the Bismarck native who is the reigning Miss America and who, as Don mentions, is the first North Dakota woman to hold that honor.

However, Don is led to think of others who didn't quite make it this big, and salutes them.

"My mind reflects on those other North Dakota girls and women who, no less than the truly lovely Miss Mund, embody the solid fundamental values and beauty of more traditional North Dakotans," Don writes Neighbors.

"These were the girls who never were entered in the 'city girl' pageants during their childhood. The girls from the small rural communities who spent a decade with the 4-H and FFA groups whose talents were not modern dance, but livestock. Girls whose apparel on the stage was more about hats, boots and big belt buckles than baubles and bikinis.

"These were girls who I met in the county and state fairs in Minot and Fargo who held the titles and wore the sash declaring that they were the North Dakota Dairy Princess, Pork Princess, Miss Shorthorn and/or Polled Hereford, and other similar-sounding titles.

"These are young women," Don writes, "whose moment of fame is small and brief, who will never get nationwide or even much genuine statewide media attention. They didn't attend Brown University (as did Cara) or Notre Dame, but instead the Science School in Wahpeton or perhaps North Dakota State University.

"They will seek and find their significant others not in corporate boardrooms and courtrooms or the halls of Congress, but more likely in their local communities.

"They will carry with them into the future the sense of values, hard work, honest living and promise that have been the hallmark of North Dakotans for generations.

"In the glare of the current spotlight on a most deserving young woman, remember these as well," Don concludes. "They are no less deserving."

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