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Show us: Are you a celebrity lookalike?

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April Knutson pictured left. Emmma Stone on the right...or is it? Special to the Forum 2 / 2

FARGO — Excuse me while I brush my shoulders off and flick my hair... I have been compared to likes of Emma Stone by multiple people. Yes, we smile with the same demure grace, maintain a similar awkward approachability and look with an eternal daydreamer gaze.


As much as I would like to cling to this clouded-by-emotion compliment from family members and friends, I must seek out others in the area that reflect a fair greater likeness to Hollywood stars.

Do you think you look like a celebrity? Do friends and family swear that you live a double life? Have you ever been mistaken for your famous doppelganger?

Share with us your celebrity look-alike story and show us your side-by-side photo. Contact Forum content producer April Knutson at or (701)241-5518 to see if you can be a part of this story.

April Knutson

April Knutson joined The Forum in April 2015. Suffering from infomania, April writes about a wide variety of topics but drifts towards community service initiatives, social issues and health. Follow her on Twitter @april_knutson.