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Unlikely culprit takes down famous downtown Fargo bison statue

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FARGO—Poor Sunny; the famous downtown art fixture is out of commission, again.

Sunny is the bison that has greeted thousands at Main and Broadway in downtown Fargo.

Vandals and cars have damaged Sunny twice over the years, but the latest culprit is mother nature.

Sunny is recuperating in the basement of Wimmer's Jewelry downtown, it has been a rough week for the piece of downtown art.

"Could have been a lot worse," said Aaron Wimmer, Wimmer's Jewelry.

With feet missing and body scratched, her latest brush with bad luck.

"This is strike three with Sunny, the first two times she was hit by a car," said Wimmer.

Aaron Wimmer got the call from family, Sunday, at the height of our wind storm.

"She is bolted down but the wind was so strong it ripped the legs right off and away she went," said Aaron.

With Sunny smack dab in the middle of a busy Main Avenue, bystanders came to the rescue.

"Some kind employees from Rhombus brought her from the intersection of Main and Broadway to the grass to keep her safe from getting hit," said Wimmer.

On Sunday, the perfect storm, a wind tunnel on Broadway and Main, the wind so strong it was lifting up the metal plate.

"So three of us, my mom and myself and one of the Rhombus Guys carrying the Bison across the street, a lot of traffic so a lot of eyes on us, not everyday you see people carrying a buffalo across Main," said Wimmer.

People driving by stopped to take pictures, even video, documenting the runaway bison.

It is even more characteristically Fargo, because it is so windy.

Downtowners who are used to walking by Sunny every day at this busy intersection shocked to see the bison missing, again.

It is kind of a piece of downtown art that people recognize and like seeing.

Others, comforted that it wasn't a car or vandals this time.

"I think it adds to the life and character of the piece, it survived Fargo's wind, so it is even more Fargo," said Seiyono Spiyee, who works downtown.

The Wimmer's have spent a lot of money over the years fixing up and touching up Sunny after damage, but this time some serious orthopedic work needs to be done. 

"She is safe and sound with two missing ankles until we decide what we want to do with her."

Sunny is one of 39-bison that are featured around the metro area as part of a 'Herd About the Prairie' project that launched in 2005.