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Scammer calling residents pretending to be Cass County sheriff

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FARGO — If someone claiming to be Cass County Sheriff Paul Laney calls you, saying you can pay money to make a warrant for your arrest go away, don't fall for it.

Recent calls like this are the work of a scam artist, the Sheriff's Office said in a news release Friday, June 16.

The number the scammer is calling from appears to be (701) 368-4988, which is a Jamestown prefix. Identifying himself as the sheriff, the scammer "is telling people they are in trouble for different crimes and they are advising citizens if they send money, their warrants will be quashed," the release stated. "The Cass County Sheriff's Office never contacts people in this manner with a request for citizens to send money."

Those who have been contacted by the scammer should call the Red River Regional Dispatch Center at (701) 451-7660 and ask for a Cass County sheriff's deputy to make a report.