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Lessons kids learn while growing up to be leaders

Bob Lind, Neighbors columnist

A while ago, The Forum's opinion page carried a column about kids with a headline reading, "Children are our future."

That reminded Neighbors of an incident at a Fargo school in the 1970s.

It occurred at the Lewis and Clark Elementary School.

Parents were assembled outside the door waiting for their kindergarten kids to be released from class.

Pretty soon the door burst open and there they came, whooping and hollering as kids do, which led one father to comment, "Well, here come our future leaders!."

To which another father replied, "Ooh, that's scary!"

That brought a big laugh from the other parents

Well, those kids are now in their 40s or thereabouts and some of them are our leaders.

Neighbors wonders if their parents still think that's scary.

Eddie and Joe

Speaking of young 'uns, Todd Carlson writes that he has memories from his youth of Fargo people who have been mentioned in Neighbors several times.

One was the fellow rather crudely known as "the Wart Man."

"His name was Eddie," Todd writes. "He lived on 9th Avenue just west of 4th Street.

"We were terrified of him when we were young, but as the years passed we realized he was a very pleasant man."

Todd also writes of the man who cleaned downtown Fargo windows who was known as both Injun Joe and Old Joe.

"One of the myths surrounding Old Joe," Todd says, "was that he was secretly wealthy in spite of the rags he wore.

"One story was that he appeared St. Luke's Hospital's emergency room for treatment of an injury and nurses found a German Luger with $50 bills rolled up and slipped in the barrel."

But again, that's only a story, Todd says.

Referring to the old grocery stores in Fargo which have often been mentioned here, Todd says his daily stop when he was attending Horace Mann School was the Horace Mann Market on the corner of 4th Street and 10th Avenue.

Todd's parents were Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Carlson.

Todd no longer lives in Fargo. He writes that "my wife and I built a year-round home on Pelican Lake (in Minnesota). We knocked the old family cottage down that my grandfather built in 1929."

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