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Letter: People like Schramm illustrate why Pride events are important

I recently read a letter posted on Inforum by the name of Melvin Schramm from Carrington, N.D. I just wanted to begin by saying that I feel very sorry for you. I say this with the utmost respect, something that you sir do not seem to have a grasp of when it comes to other people. I just want to explain how the world works. You see, everyone is distinctly different. There are those who like the color blue and some that prefer green. There are tall people. There are short people. We have men and women. We have people of all kinds of beliefs, colors, creeds, nationalities, languages and so forth.

It is your belief (or a deeply troubling belief taken from your Christian faith or upbringing), that people who are members of the LGBT community (in case you were not sure, that is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) are just a group of sinners and that their sheer presence offends millions of people.

I guess I want to start out by asking: How does someone's personal actions offend you personally?

This isn't a group of people (yes, people) that is hurting anyone. For so long, this group of people has been ostracized by people like you, Mr. Scharmm. It is this very ignorance that screams the need to have events such as this to show the world, and sometimes our very close-minded community, these are wonderful people with much to give from all walks of life. In this instance, we are talking about the LGBT community.

I am personally not a member of the LGBT community, but have friends who are. I'd ask you to spend some time with some of these people before you become so offended that you had to write into a newspaper about how this will be seen by the entire upper Midwest.

I have a greater fear that upper Midwest sees your letter, Mr. Schramm, and thinks this is the way we all think. However, I like to think the members of the LGBT community and those in our surrounding community know better.

Korth lives in Fargo.