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Letter: Piepkorn and Gehrig deserve our continued support

Jack Zaleski claims damage to the city of Fargo by Fargo City Commissioners Tony Gehrig and Dave Piepkorn in his Dec. 10th column. Only in Zaleski's hyper-partisan world is this the case. According to Zaleski, or so it appears, all commissioners should track left. Commissioners, for example, shouldn't ask politically incorrect questions, including how changes in population demographics affect Fargo's institutions, like health care, education, transportation, policing and social services. They shouldn't ask about the cost of public art funding or the itemized price for a new City Hall either.

I concede that Commissioner Piepkorn's request to research costs related to Lutheran Social Services resettlement program don't interest Zaleski, but citizens in general were and are interested. Why wouldn't they be? And asking questions doesn't equate to bias or racism as Zaleski charges. It's a matter of sensible city planning and accounting. Isn't that what commissioners are charged with? Piepkorn and Gehrig are asking just the right questions. And they do it with dignity and respect. They deserve our continued support.

Herschlip lives in Fargo.