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Letter: Why is Sen. Hoeven so afraid to meet with us?

Something has been bothering me for a while. A group of friends and I went to Sen. John Hoeven's office to express our dissatisfaction with his vote on health care and then went back when the vote on tax relief went through. During these visits, Hoeven's staff was rude and dismissive. Here we were, concerned citizens expressing our thoughts to our congressional representative, and his staff acted like we had no reason to be there.

In addition, we have been asking Hoeven to hold a town hall to talk to him about our concerns about taxes and health care to no avail. When we check his website, we have found that events are added to that page after they've happened, making it impossible for us to attend. Why does his website only list past events? We don't want to know where he's been. We want to know where he is going to be.

Why is John Hoeven so afraid to meet with us? Why does he not respond to the citizens who ask him questions?

After some thought, I am forced to acknowledge that he does not care to represent us. We are not big oil or energy or able to contribute vast sums of money to buy his representation. Therefore, he seems uninterested in us.

His office is supposedly open to the public. He is supposedly our representative. Why when we pursue an open meeting to talk to him does he ignore us. We need a better representative who listens to the citizenry.

Ewine lives in Bismarck.