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Letter: Hunting is a passion and a lifestyle

This letter is in response to Lisa Meidlinger's January 4th letter.

Close your eyes. What comes to mind when you think of North Dakota? Do you picture miles and miles of pancake flat, farm and ranch land, rolling hills out west and a striking view of a sunset every evening? If so, that's our great state of North Dakota.

Living in a northern state, we are blessed with four distinct seasons, with numerous hobbies and activities to stay busy with year-round.

During winter, we North Dakotans still like to get outside, no matter the temperature. With ice fishing, skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, etc., we stay so busy, we don't care if it's 20 or -20 degrees.

Spring and summer calls for fishing, gardening, outdoor sports, family road trips and, of course, time at the lake.

When November rolls around, the hunters are itching to get in the tree stand and to bring home a buck. Many people excitedly and proudly share their photos on social media and personal hunting stories are shared among other hunters and family for a lifetime.

Some individuals may never understand the aspect of hunting, it's more than a fad. Hunting is a passion and lifestyle. Who are you, as a person to feel so entitled to shame others for their hobbies? If you don't like seeing everyday life here in Fargo, North Dakota, there are 49 other states to live in.

Swanstrom lives in Fargo.