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Letter: Democrats sell their souls to the "deep state"

In his letter to The Forum published Jan 8, "I want my country back," Leland Jenson of Detroit Lakes writes, "Why are [Republicans] denigrating and trashing the integrity of Mueller and the FBI? The American FBI works solely for our common good and is the preeminent law and justice agency in the world."

Really, Jenson? The same FBI that persecuted union leaders and civil rights organizers in the 1950s, 60s and 70s? The same FBI that murdered Martin Luther King Jr., and then pinned the blame on white supremacist fall-guy James Earl Ray? (See 1999 court case Coretta Scott King et al V Loyd Jowers, if you don't believe me.) That FBI?

Jenson's remarks are emblematic of how the Democratic Party has sold its soul to the deep state, in their desperation to see President Trump impeached, and Mike Pence made president in his place.

Democrats across the country have been praising the CIA and other federal intelligence and counter-espionage agencies up and down as defenders and bastions of democracy. Have they forgotten the dozens upon dozens of democratically elected governments that the CIA has worked to overthrow over the last 70 years? Have they forgotten Nicaragua? Chile? Iran? Have they forgotten how the CIA propped up the Taliban in Afghanistan? Pol Pot in Cambodia? Have they forgotten how the CIA lied us into war in Iraq, a war that killed a million people, destabilized an entire region, and led to the rise of ISIL?

But Democrats don't really care about democracy. Democrats don't care about the real crimes that Trump has committed since taking office — for example, his lifting of the rules of engagement in Syria and Iraq so that his military can slaughter hundreds of civilians a month in ramped-up drone strikes that only turn hearts and minds against us and create more terrorists to replace those we've killed.

Democrats don't care about the millions of people here in the U.S. who live under constant threat of being rounded up, interned, and deported by the fascists at ICE. All those people will be just as screwed under Pence as they are now under Trump; they were just as screwed under president Obama; and they would have been just as screwed under Hillary Clinton if she had been elected.

That's the soulless Democratic Party, for you. When will we have a real alternative?

Scott lives in Fargo and is a member of the Red River Valley Democratic Socialists of America.