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Letter: 'Curling isn't a sport' column needs to be called out for its ignorance

I have a few questions and comments based on the thoughtless and ignorant column on curling by Ross Nelson published March 10:

• Mr. Nelson: Have you tried curling? Or, are you just an overweight, wannabe scribe with an opinion?

• There's been exactly one curling doping/drug incident and that still has many questions as to what actually transpired.

• Why don't you ask Vernon Davis about curling? Or, Wayne Gretzky. Closer to home, how about giving Davey Christian a call? Virg Foss? Abe Winter?

Yes, I'm quite tired of scribes trying to pitch "curlers aren't athletes" line of negative thinking. No, you're not the first I've come across. That was Woody Paige of the Denver Post. Woody apologized for trying to be funny and falling flat. During the 2002 Olympics, a Philly Enquirer scribe wrote a piece akin to yours, except he actually named me in his article. The sports editor apologized after my phone call.

You don't have to like curling, but your self-appointed "I know what is/isn't a sport" deserves to be called-out for the ignorance it shows.

Please let me know if you want to try curling. I'm sure the Fargo Curling Club will be happy to provide Ice time and an injury release form.

Barcome Jr., Galesburg, N.D., was a member of the 2002 Olympic curling team