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Letter: Larsen's missive on gun violence in the U.S. lacked logic

Adrienne Larsen's April 11th letter, "If the problem isn't guns, it's us," is a marvel of modern social "logic."

There is more gun violence in the United States than Germany, Australia, South Korea, Canada, or for that matter, Russia, because there are many (millions) more people living in the U.S.!

Yes, our ancestors were less prone to gun violence. They didn't have guns. They did have knives, stones, and really early ancestors had the bones of animals, and they killed each other.

Larsen may have a point, maybe, but the logic or the unmitigated lack of logic in her argument just defies description. This style of argument, unfortunately, may stem from the plethora of nonsense available to us on the popular social platforms of our era.

If you seriously believe the tenants of her argument, good luck!

Seigel lives in Moorhead.