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Frobig: Take time to recognize the work of nurses and correctional officers this week

Capt. Andrew Frobig

As this first full week of May begins, I would like to take this opportunity to honor those employees working with and among the prisoner population in Cass County. This week is special because is it National Correctional Officers Week, and also because we are celebrating National Nurses Week.

National Nurses Week has been officially recognized since 1994. The nurses at the Cass County Jail are a dedicated and tireless crew, who play a critical role in helping our fine facility to meet its mission on a daily basis.

In 2017, our nurses accommodated over 47,000 requests, inquiries, appointments and calls for service for patients staying at the jail. They ensured medication was delivered to approximately 35 percent of our population on a daily basis, including approximate 25 percent who received medication for psychiatric purposes.

Our nurses work under conditions that are significantly less-appealing than a typical clinical setting, and with a population that as a whole presents unique challenges in both behavior and scope of needs.

National Correctional Officers Week has been officially recognized since 1984, when President Ronald Reagan signed Proclamation 5187. There are approximately 500,000 correctional officers in the United States, and Cass County is fortunate to have the finest you will find anywhere in this country.

Representing about half of the employees within the Cass County Sheriff's Office, the men and women assigned to the jail do their job with pride and professionalism that is unmatched. Not often praised for their success, they work largely out of the public eye. They serve in a role that is critical for the continued safety of the prisoners we care for and for the community that we all love. Please take a moment to join me in thanking these dedicated professionals for all that they do. Being a government agency we don't have the opportunity to award bonuses or the budget to pay for celebrations. But we can let them know of our heartfelt appreciation for their dedication to a job that few are willing or capable of doing.

Frobig is administrator of the Cass County Jail.